Ipsy Bag: Beauty Rocks!

Ipsy wanted subscribers to live it up and shake their hips for their April Ipsy Bag. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was this month and I believe that’s where Ipsy got it’s inspiration for the Beauty Rocks bag. Here is a quick look at the items I received this month. 

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Did You Know There Are 3 Types of Body Hair?

Did you know there are three types of body hair? Neither did I until recently. Honestly, I never even thought about it. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I found out that one of the wonderful hairs that women have on their chins has a name. During a visit to my ob-gyn, I complained about one annoying hair that sprouted on my chin. Her response was, “Welcome to aging!” During the conversation, I realized there was an actual name for that particular type of hair and I was intrigued.

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April Hair Update & Length Check

It’s time for my two month hair update! Cherrelle and I haven’t had any serious fights. More importantly, she has not taken to writing any recent blog post putting me on blast about any type of true neglect. I will say she is a tad angry with me about all of the manipulation that I have been doing the last few days to get her ready for updated pictures. I had to tell her this can’t be a hair blog without hair pics.

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