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  • Gillette Venus Swirl Razor and Gillette Venus Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel

    Gillette Venus Swirl Razor Review

    Sponsored Post It’s time for a little Spring time defurring (yep, new word). LOL I know I can’t be the only person who doesn’t shave her legs during the Winter. Since Spring is here I’m starting to stock up on razors and my favorites for me legs are Gillette Venus razors. Call me strange but […] Read more…

  • evian facial spray sooth parched skin

    Evian Facial Spray Review |Soothe Parched Skin

    Press Sample Affiliate Links A nice cool mist of Evian facial mist on dry parched skin will leave you feeling revived and rejuvenated.  The winter months can be brutal on dry skin. I’ve suffered from eczema for as long as I can remember and winter is the worst time for me to have flares. I […] Read more…


  • Shampoo and Condition when using Henna

    Reader Question: Do you shampoo before and condition after using henna?

    I love answering reader questions and I have a few more to post. Today, I am going to answer the question, “Do you shampoo before and condition after using henna?” It’s no big secret that I have a serious love of Ayurveda for maintaining a healthy body and hair. So many people have asked for […] Read more…

  • May to January Length Check

    Length Check | Texlaxed Hair

    Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve post a hair update and length check. The last time I posted an official hair length check was in April ’14. The following month is when I tried to trim my hair and cut the mess out of it. I went […] Read more…

Life and Weight Loss

  • Weight Loss Checklist

    One Month Into My Weight Loss Journey…

    Month one is done…now what? I’m still on my weight loss journey with Nutrisystem. My goal for the first month was 10lbs; however, I ended the month at 8.8lbs. I’m not complaining, but I’m mad at my body for not reaching the goal. I’m not almost at the end of month two and my body […] Read more…

  • Weight Loss Journey Meal Plan

    Weight Loss Journey | Week Two & Three In Review

    If only losing weight was as easy as gaining it! Can I just wake up and be 144lbs again? That would make me so very very happy. I’m three weeks in and I think I’m over the growing pains. I have to admit week two was a bit rough but week three things became easier. […] Read more…


  • eBay Nail Appliqués on Zoya Polish for Manicure Monday

    Manicure Monday | eBay Nail Appliqués

    It looks like my nails are recovering nicely. I haven’t posted a Monday manicure in a bit because I lost most of my nails during Christmas. Who would think I would break my nails during the holidays? The funny part is I’m right handed and the nails on my right hand are long and perfect. […] Read more…

  • Christmas Tree Manicure

    Christmas Tree Manicure | #NOTW

    I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit. The holidays are the toughest time of the year for me, but I am determined to put a smile on my face and be happy. I have the slightest idea what I am doing for Christmas. I do not feel like going home for the holidays. […] Read more…

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