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Wash Day: Double Up On A Pre-poo

wash day process_double up on a pre-poo products used

Last week, I discussed the last bits of roughness from using henna the other week. There are a few methods to pre-poo hair and this week I used two: oil only and oil and conditioner mixed together. Why two pre-poos? Adding two pre-poos gave my hair what it needed to get back to normal.  I can normally reverse the dryness with one or two

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Wash Day: Keeping It Simple

air drying Agadir Wash day keeping it simple

I decided to go with keeping it simple and just go with the basics for this wash day. I’m not feeling to hot and I think that have everything to do with my decision. I decided not to skip this week altogether because I still had those white pearls in my hair from my last deep condition. So, skipping this week

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