Nail Stamping Fail

Hello Beauties! So, there is no MANICure Monday for today. I waited until Sunday to do my manicure for the week and it didn’t work as planned. I’ve had a nail stamping kit for a few months now and I finally decided to give it a try.

My friend, Alisha at Coily Locks, warned me but I had to be hard-headed and try it anyway. Umm…what’s that saying, “A hard head, makes a soft behind.” I am really feeling that right now. My nails are a mess. LOL! I tried two plates and I couldn’t even get the butterfly to go on right. Sigh. Can we say, “nail stamping fail?”


I tried…can I get credit? Y’all this fail is so embarrassing and bad that I refuse to post pictures. Just know I have a butterfly gone wrong on my middle finger and smudged stars from hell on my ring finger.

Nail Stamping Fail

I am going to have to take a day when I am full of patience and I have a glass of wine to try this stamping thing again. If anyone has any tips, PLEASE share them with me.

Until next week… *pouts and strolls off* Can’t win them all.

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  • Here’s the reason it didn’t work… that is a really, really cheap stamping kit. And I mean VERY cheap. They used to make it in slightly better quality and it worked okay, but still not very well. But my mom, not realizing I already had the original one, recently bought me one of the newer versions and I discovered the quality had sunk an amazing amount. The stamping plates are so flexible that I could swear there’s no metal on them at all – I’m pretty sure it’s mostly cardboard. The scraper used to have a metal scraping bit, but now it’s all plastic, which is just not going to get the job done properly. And the stamper is so hard now instead of being relatively rubbery (the original still wasn’t very good, though, but it was much softer) that there is no way it’ll pick up anything the way it’s supposed to. It was poorly made enough to begin with, but they’ve made it ten times worse and now it’s a completely unusable kit. If you want to give stamping another shot, I recommend picking up something from a brand that’s reliable. MoYou London makes AMAZING stamping plates that are great quality, have large images to ensure they will cover your entire nail, and have TONS of beautiful and fun designs. I’ve also heard good things about Bundle Monster’s stamping plates. You need to make sure you have decent stamping polish, as well. Finally, if you’re still having trouble, you can do what I do: use the decal method. Lucy of Lucy’s Stash has a tutorial on it here: This way you can make sure you get the stamp transferred properly as well as positioned right, instead of stamping it directly on your nail, which can save on polish because if you mess up when stamping it right on your nail, it means you have to remove it all and start over, but with this you don’t have to worry about it. Also, I recommend practicing on paper. :) Hope that helps!
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  • Joan B. in S. C.

    The last time I made a mess of my nails I decided I would just top them with a gold polish with glitter to make it through the day! Yes, you really have to have time set aside and patience to do something new with your nails.

    • I was so discouraged that I didn’t even try to fake it til I could make it. I went out with my running group this am at 5 and just hide my hands. I’ll try again one day this week.

  • Good for you even trying and just know that I would have probably messed it up even worse!! Happy Monday :)
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