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Guess who’s back on YouTube? This girl! It’s been so long since I’ve uploaded a video. I’ve recorded and deleted so many videos because they were not just right. Today I uploaded a texlaxed hair update. 
Relaxed - Texlaxed Hair Update 1
I am prepping now for my next texlax. I am beyond ready and excited to share my post texlax update on YouTube. I am out of Aphogee 2-step and I had to get creative with my pre-texlax protein treatment. I decided to use the last corner I had left of MegaTek. I feel comfortable with that being sufficient for me to safely texlax this weekend.
I do have a video for “What is texlaxing?” I need to edit and polish the video and I hope to have it up next Wednesday. If you want the down and dirty version of texlaxing, that will be the video for you to definitely check out. I answered most of the questions I’ve received from readers and subscribers. Be sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to view the latest vids. I hope hoping to upload weekly but we shall see how that works out.




  • Hey, its great to hear you’re back on YouTube. I’ll definitely check out your videos. I remember I was so excited to get my hair texlaxed after a 5 month stretch and I’m soo happy with the results. I hope you are too xx

    • Thank you! I am excited to touch my scalp again. LOL! I haven’t texlaxed just yet. I am prepping and I will texlax this weekend. Yes, it feels good to post on YouTube again. I have so many things I want to share.

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